European Signature Facial                          60 min     $110

An exceptionally relaxing facial that cleanses and tones the skin using products customized for your skin type, followed by a finishing masque to leave your skin refreshed.  
Great for both men, women and all skin types. 

Teen Facial                                                   45 min      $65

A facial that focusses on problematic skin associated with increased sebum production. 

Express Facial                                              35 min       $40

A 35 minute facial that Cleanses, tones, and exfoliates. 

Anti Acne Facial                                            60 min      $90

Purify, soothes, and repairs oily and acne prone skin. Deep cleansing and exfoliating is followed with an antibacterial and anti- inflamatory rinse leaving your skin feeling clean. 

Anti Aging Facial                                           60 min    $125

Exfoliates, clarify's,  hydrates, and improves skin's elasticity. Benefits include a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and an increase in healthy cell development. Also included is an aromatherapy scalp massage.  

Gentlemen's Facial                                         50 min     $55                   

Specifically formulated for the male completion to purify, hydrate, and relieve irritation caused from everyday shaving and the outside elements. 

Smart Peel                                                     60 min   $100

For skin plagued by discoloration or dry patches. This deluxe plant based peel reveals even skin tone and texture without irritation of a harsh chemical peel. Skin appears smooth dewy and refreshed. Recommended every six weeks for optimal benefits. 

Back facial                                                   60 min      $110

A deep cleansing that will open and release impurities found in these often neglected pores. Includes a masque and massage to cleanse, purify and refine. 

Total Body Polish                                        60 min      $120

Renew stressed skin with a seasonal salt / sugar body polish. Your customized aromatherapy scrub will heighten your senses while sloughing off dull dry skin. The result brighter, softer, hydrated skin. 

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